Membership Advantages

The World Association of Manufacturers of Bottles and Teats is seeking to expand its worldwide membership base and welcomes new members interested in actively supporting the industry’s interests. There are a number of advantages which membership of the WBT provides.

Policy & Legislative Updates

The association serves as a resource and partner to members seeking information about ongoing developments at the policy or legislative level. At a time when health authorities are raising questions about products that affect the industry, WBT helps to keep its members abreast of new developments, to analyse legal or policy measures, and to address issues that can negatively impact business.

Networking Opportunities & Industry Forum

Networking at General Assembly, Executive Committee and regular meetings provides members with the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge of the industry players and products, as well as to foster key industry contacts, face to face. The WBT provides a forum for members to exchange relevant industry information in a comfortable environment.


Training Initiatives & Research

WBT provides training to members on topics of specific interest to the industry such as changes in regulations and standards that affect our products. It also funds studies and research into issues of particular interest

Science & Technology Advances

The association and its member companies encourage and support original research in science and technology. WBT also provides a neutral forum for its members to meet and discuss the latest scientific advances.

Become a Member

With our worldwide membership base we welcome new members interested in actively supporting the industry’s interests.