• Policy and legislation

    Policy and legislation

    Representing the interests of the industry to media, national and international institutions including speaking at the 2013 Plastics Europe Conference 'Plastics Let's talk about it' in November

  • Adhering to standards

    Adhering to standards

    Promoting ethical manufacturing and marketing of infant bottles and teats adhering to relevant national and international standards

  • Science and technology advancement

    Science and technology advancement

    Sponsoring scientific research into product-related issues


...to the organization that represents the interests of manufacturers of baby bottles and teats and promotes the industry’s safety and quality standards. Becoming a member of the World Association of Manufacturers of Bottles and Teats (WBT) means being an active part of the future of our industry. Our end users, infants, are the most vulnerable consumers in the world. That is why our association keeps members informed about the latest scientific, technical, regulatory and safety information as the industry and its products continue to evolve.

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